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Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. is an American technology company specializing in data and storage networking products. Originally known for its leadership in Fibre Channel storage networks, the company has expanded its focus to include a wide range of products for New IP and Third platform technologies.

Brocade was founded in August 1995, by Seth Neiman (a venture capitalist, a former executive from Sun Microsystems and a professional auto racer), Kumar Malavalli (a co-author of the Fibre Channel specification).

The company’s first product, SilkWorm, which was a Fibre Channel Switch, was released in early 1997. A second generation of switches was announced in 1999.

On January 14, 2013, Brocade named Lloyd Carney as new chief executive Officer.

Brocade FC Switch have so many models with the port variations, the details are below

List of Brocade FC switches 

Work flow for zoning activity

The Platform team will inform you that they are going to provision a new server in the environment and requests you to give the free port details on the switches which are exists in the data center.

Once you share the information to Platform team, they co-ordinate with the Data center guys to lay the cables between the server and switch. (Already the storage ports or tape library are connected to the switch).

After laying the cables, Platform team will requests you to check the connectivity and they shares the server HBA WWPN to verify with the connected one.

Physical cabling between Server and storage through Switch with Single path

Physical cabling between Server and storage through Switch with Multipath

Zoning can be done in 7 simple steps, the pictorial diagram is as follows.

Steps to perform zoning

Zoning steps:-

  1. Identify the WWPN of Server HBA and Storage HBA.
  1. Create Alias of server and storage HBA’s.


  1. Create zones for server and storage by using the command


  1. We need to check whether active configurations is present or not by using the command.


  1. If an active configuration already exits we just need to add the zone to this, by using the command.


  1. If not there we need to create new active configuration by using the command.


  1. Save it and enable it.

Please find the example for zoning,

alicreate “ser ver_hba”,”11:11:11:11:11:11:11:11″

alicreate “storage_hba”,”22:22:22:22:22:22:22:22″

zonecreate “server_hba-storage_hba”,” ser ver_hba; storage_hba “

cfgcreate “cfg_switch1″,” server_hba-storage_hba “

cfgenable ” cfg_switch1″


Brocade switches uses both web and CLI, the table below displays some but not all the CLI commands.


prints available commands


disable the switch


enable the switch


license commands


diagnostic commands


change switch parameters (BB credits, etc)


POST results since last boot


routing commands


display switch show (normally first command to run to obtain switch configuration)


full detailed switch info


display port info


namesever contents


NS for full fabric


Fabric information


firmware code revision


full reboot with POST


reboot without POST

B-Series (Brocade) zoning commands are detailed in the below table

zonecreate (zone)

create a zone


shows defined and effective zones and configurations


adds a member to a zone


removes a member from a zone


delete a zone

cfgcreate (zoneset)

create a zoneset configuration


adds a zone to a zone configuration


display the zoning information


enable a zone set


saves defined config to all switches in fabric across reboots


removes a zone from a zone configuration


deletes a zone from a zone configuration


clears all zoning information (must disable the effective config first)


disables the effective zone set

B-series creating a zone commands

Creating zone by WWN

zonecreate “zone1”, “20:00:00:e0:69:40:07:08 ; 50:06:04:82:b8:90:c1:8d”

Create a zone configuration

cfgcreate “test_cfg”, “zone1 ; zone2”

saving the zone configuration

cfgsave (this will save across reboots)

enable the zone configuration

cfgenable “test_cfg”

saving the zone configuration


view zoning information

zoneshow or cfgshow

aliAdd   Add a member to a zone alias

aliCopy   Copy a zone alias

aliCreate  Create a zone alias

aliDelete  Delete a zone alias

aliRemove  Remove a member from a zone alias

aliRename  Rename a zone alias

aliShow   Print zone alias information

cfgAdd   Add a member to a configuration

cfgCopy   Copy a zone configuration

cfgCreate  Create a zone configuration

cfgDelete  Delete a zone configuration

cfgRemove  Remove a member from a configuration

cfgRename  Rename a zone configuration

cfgShow   Print zone configuration information

zoneAdd   Add a member to a zone

zoneCopy  Copy a zone

zoneCreate  Create a zone

zoneDelete  Delete a zone

zoneRemove  Remove a member from a zone

zoneRename  Rename a zone

zoneShow  Print zone information

cfgClear  Clear all zone configurations

cfgDisable  Disable a zone configuration

cfgEnable  Enable a zone configuration

cfgSave   Save zone configurations in flash

cfgSize   Print size details of zone database

cfgActvShow  Print effective zone configuration

cfgTransAbort  Abort zone configuration transaction

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